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Unwind your stress through body movement.  Yogic philosophy says that when our mind is too engaged, we shift to our bodies to invigorate and calm our overthinking.  Yoga and exercise not only help maintain body health, but also work with calming the mind for clarity.  It is our duty towards ourselves to take good care of our bodies and minds, and to make space for physical activity and proper eating.  

Food is one of the most powerful medicines known to us, and has an incredible ability to affect our mind states.  With proper routines, both by eating healthy foods that are well-paired for our body types, and by creating habits around how we eat and move, we are able to thrive as best we can in our lives.  In this way we learn to: concentrate our energy, maintain a state of calmness, eliminate stomach discomfort and indigestion, and ultimately cultivate an ever present state of ease.



We help you learn to work with your body to restore mobility through concentrated, specialized exercises and stretches. Yoga series and personal training options are specialized based on needs; from injury rehab, weight-loss goals, and de-stressing stretching and flexibility.  

Food catering options include wholesome, nutrient-dense, preservative-free, and fresh whole foods that are prepared with love, and are nourishing for children and adults, and those with special diet specific needs.  These foods are pure, and pleasant to the stomach, and are easily digestible.

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